I’m Philip C. Monk. I am a Christian, a Geek, and a Homeschooler, and all of these topics will be touched on here. I anticipate, though, that most posts will have a geek slant. Now, there are many kinds of geek. I am, in order, a computer geek, a math geek, a linguistics geek, and a philosophy geek.

I run Slackware Linux without a desktop manager — I just use Compiz without adornment. Emacs is good operating system, all it lacks is a good text editor (no, seriously, vi is way better). C is an excellent programming language, C++ is decent (though I’d rather stick to C), and Java is not worth mentioning. Python is a good language for hacking up a prototype of a piece of software, but Lisp is definitely my favorite language (specifically Racket). We’ll see where that goes. I like Free Software and Open Source Software, but I don’t take it to the extreme that Stallman does. People have a right to earn a living.

I’m studying math at a university (double majoring in math and computer science). I love math, so I may reference it in a lot of places. I don’t anticipate writing a whole lot about it, though. Graph theory is my favorite field at this point. The applications of math to computer programming is fascinating to me — Haskell and Lisp make so much more sense now than they did when I first tried to learn them (when I was only studying calc for engineers).

I love linguistics, but I haven’t studied it as much as I would have liked. I’ve taken a course or two on it, and I’ve read a fair number of Wikipedia (that blessed fount of knowledge) pages on it. I speak Spanish to a degree — I’m not fluent, but I can carry on a conversation. I took two classes here in Spanish, but I learned more in five weeks in Guatemala in summer 2012 than I did that whole year at university (although, honestly, the university classes really helped prepare me for it). I’ve also studied a little Koine Greek. Next on my list would be Mandarin, Italian, a sign language, and at least one “alternative language” — perhaps Kachiquel? But my real interest in linguistics is not in any one particular language. I like the study of linguistics proper.

So, yeah, that’s me. Find me at http://github.com/philipcmonk and @pcmonk.


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