A Short Demo of Phlisped, the Graphical Programming Editor Experiment

As suggested by mako in the comments to the announcement post (if you haven’t read the announcement post, go ahead and do that), here’s a short demo of what it looks like to use phlisped. Some tips for experimenting: try h,j,k,l,d,i,u,R. They work as in vim. Also, ; is like : in vim, but different. Try also o,c,O,C,V,I. If you’re really adventurous, try v,L,n,N,. The mouse works too, and you can scroll/drag around your view. Oh, and F2 saves. I have no idea why I chose F2. There are other commands (check out the commands/ directory). I hope this is helpful, if you have any questions, just let me know.

(there’s no sound)